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2 lovely Indonesian Chinese Elderlies looking for an Indonesian helper
Can Speak Cantonese
Chinese European Family Looking for a Trustworthy Help
Cantonese family with new born looking for helper
Hong Kong Family looking for helper
Cantonese family (with newborn baby) looking for helpers
Expat family looking for helper

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JollyHelper offers a wide range of domestic helper jobs in every single district here in Hong Kong, from Stanley to Central also from Mong Kok to Sai Kung and even in island districts such as Lantau island and Lamma island. A domestic helper job in Hong Kong is one that is among the highest paid in the world, the Hong Kong government has imposed a minimum wage on a domestic helper job in HK in order to make sure that foreign domestic helpers are treated with fairness and receive a reasonable and sustainable income for their services. Over ninety percent of expat families in Hong Kong prefer JollyHelper, including a lot of western families.

JollyHelper also has tons of job offers from local Hong Kong families and they are all very high quality job offers which allow helpers to have Sundays off, flexible working hours, their own private room and bathroom, and most importantly, they tend to offer a higher salary compared to the minimum wage as set out by the Hong Kong government. Job matching is a two-way operation as employers and helpers are both able to make choices and offers, as well as counter-offers. Experienced domestic helpers with good skill sets are very popular among families who need to hire a domestic helper, therefore such helpers can enjoy many options regarding their job location, working environment and job duties. They can even ask for a higher salary, which a lot of employers are happy to negotiate. Our smart matching system together with our professional consultants will allocate the best domestic helper job offers that match your contract status and requirements. Looking for a job has never been so easy!

Therefore, if you are looking for a domestic helper job in Hong Kong right now, please join us by signing up and submitting your helper's profile with us. Everything can be done online with just a simple click on the “Sign Up” button. Once your helper's profile is submitted to us, our professional team of consultants will help you search the best matching job offers to choose from based on your contract status, skill sets and other requirements.