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About Direct Hiring & Paper Processing Service

Direct hire refers to finding a domestic worker on your own and using an employment agency for visa documentation only. Therefore employers will make use of our Paper Processing Service here. Direct hire allows you to have full control of the hiring process and gives you more freedom to pick the worker you like. We suggest you to make use of our JoCom Instant Messaging System for, so we can help you with any follow-up issues.

How should I submit my application?

There are 2 ways to submit the application:
Method 1
  • Go to MESSAGE
  • Go to the CONVERSATION with the helper you want to hire
Method 2
  • Go to EXPLORE
  • Choose the helper you want to hire
  • Tap Direct Hire This Employee

Who will process my Direct Hire Application?

Premium agencies chosen by JollyHelper will be processing your direct hire applications with all the paperwork after your confirmation of hiring. They are all experienced leading agencies in the industry.

Direct Hire Paper Processing Fee

You can enjoy our great value of service at an affordable price with just a few clicks via our JollyHelper App or Website. Explore thousands of Applicants in JollyHelper App and experience well run processing. JollyHelper makes hiring easy for you where thousands of helpers’ profiles are at your fingertip! Find your best helper on our platform and let us finish the paperwork for you. For details of the payment scheme, please check out our pricing and other fees by clicking on the link below: https://www.jollyhelper.com

Identify the new domestic helper you want to hire

You can find a new helper by friend referral, Facebook groups or online platforms such as JollyHelper. Our innovative technology platform allows you to Search, Shortlist, Live interview, Pre-recorded interview your candidates. JollyHelper has 200,000+ helpers profiles for you to browse and it is free!

You should know the difference between hiring a helper currently working in your country and hiring one who is in her home country or working in another country. This usually has a big impact on processing fees, procedure and time.

Prevent a helper backing out

In Hong Kong, both employers and helpers have the right to back out when the new domestic helper visa is still under processing in the Immigration Department for a numbers of reason. To prevent a helper backing out, we suggest you keep contact with your helper and your selected agency (if you use one for paperwork) regularly to make sure the helper is continuing the application.

Importance of recommendation letter

Employers who want to hire domestic helpers with proven track records can rely on recommendations from previous employers. A recommendation can let you know that a helper’s work was appreciated and can tell you a lot about her strengths and weaknesses.

In some of the helper profiles, you can see their previous employers have left them a recommendation. And sometimes in the Experiences section, the helpers mentioned that their old employers are contactable. You can ask these helpers to provide their employers’ contact information for a reference check.

Verify a helper’s contract status and work experience yourself

All information written on helper profiles listed on JollyHelper are provided by helpers themselves. We highly recommend employers to check helpers’ contract status and work experiences during the interview. To verify such information, you should ask the helper to present her passport which contains previous work visas, her previous contracts and reference letters (if any), and compare the dates on visas and contracts to see if they match.

Payment options

You can pay with a credit card, or by bank transfer. If you pay by bank transfer, please send your proof of payment to [email protected], and we will process your hiring accordingly.

Payment Safety

Once you are ready to hire a helper in JollyHelper App or Website, you will undergo a certain procedure . We have made payment easy and accessible for you. More importantly, we always ensure that your payment is safe by working with top-notch online payment service provider. All your details will be kept secured and confidential. JollyHelper ensures that your payment information WILL NOT be compromised. Financial information remains private thus no one can infiltrate nor gain access to your information.

  • Nationality: Filipino
  • Current Location: Hong Kong
  • Past Working History: Philippines
  • Years of Experience: 2 Years of Experience
  • Working status: Local Finished Contract
  • Language Ability: English, Filipino
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  • Nationality: Filipino
  • Current Location: Hong Kong
  • Past Working History: Hong Kong
  • Years of Experience: 9 Years of Experience
  • Working status: Local Finished Contract
  • Language Ability: English, Filipino
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