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Refund Policy & Guarantee Period

Refund Policy

All payments made on our platform are not refundable. However in case of a helper backs out from the deal or employed by another employer before the commence date which is stated in the employment contract, you may continue to use our service to look for another helper with no extra charge.

Guarantee Period

JollyHelper provides a 270-day guarantee period. An e-voucher will be issued and you can hire another helper on our platform at 30% off the standard price if any of the followings happen within the guarantee period:

  • Helper resigns for any reasons after the commence date which is stated in the employment contract.
  • Employer decides to discontinue the employment contract due to a helper is charged with a criminal case.

  • Nationality: Indonesian
  • Current Location: Indonesia
  • Past Working History: Indonesia
  • Years of Experience: 3 Years of Experience
  • Working status: Overseas Contract 1
  • Language Ability: Cantonese, Indonesian
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  • Nationality: Filipino
  • Current Location: Hong Kong
  • Past Working History: Hong Kong
  • Years of Experience: 5 Years of Experience
  • Working status: Terminated Contract / Break Contract / Others
  • Language Ability: English, Filipino
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